The Purchase Process


1. Choose whole, half or mixed quarter of beef and make the appropriate deposit to Teddy Bear Farm. Choose the butcher and indicate your choice. We accept check, VISA or MASTERCARD (call us for credit card order)

2. For whole or half beef you will be provided an order form after harvest of the animal, to fill out your custom order for steak thicknesses, roast sizes, etc.

3. For mixed quarter you will be receiving half of a side of beef, an even mix of front and rear (thus a mixed quarter). Teddy Bear orders mixed quarter as follows: Steaks 1” thick and 2 per package, Roasts 3-4 pounds, ground beef 1 to 1.5 lb packages, half of round steaks will be made into cubed steak, meat from ribs and soup bones will be made into ground beef.

4. Your beef will be butchered on the chosen date and you will be notified of the hanging weight and balance due. You will pay Teddy Bear the balance due before picking up your meat at Dunham’s or Reedy’s, not at Teddy Bear.

5. Your beef will hang in a cold locker for 10-12 days to maximize tenderness.

6. Your beef will be cut, wrapped and frozen and you will be notified by the butcher.

7. You pay the butcher for kill/cut/wrap fees when you pick up your beef.

8. Expect net pounds of beef to equal about 60% of hanging weight, less if boneless.

Whole:         600-750 lbs aprox Hanging Weight - $3.55 lb - $0.65/lb Kill/Cut/Wrap - $400 Deposit

Half:            300-375 lbs aprox Hanging Weight - $3.65 lb - $0.65/lb Kill/Cut/Wrap - $200 Deposit

Mixed Qtr:   150-187 lbs aprox Hanging Weight - $3.75 lb - $0.65/lb Kill/Cut/Wrap - $100 Deposit