Is a Bargain

SURPRISE, GRASS FED BEEF IS A BARGAIN GRASS FED BEEF IS ALSO THE BEST ECONOMIC DECISION: Grass fed beef from a specialty store averages over $7.00 per pound. Grass fed beef bought as a whole or half a beef averages about $5.00 per pound, net. (That's the magic of purchasing direct from the producer and in quantity.) Grass fed beef has less waste as you cook it. (less fat and less water). Fewer shopping trips and less eating out saves you money.

PLAN AHEAD FOR HEALTHIER BEEF AT A NET LOWER COST: Plan ahead to understand why grass fed beef is healthier for you and your family. Lots of good information is available for you through books and on the internet. Plan ahead to buy a half or whole beef. You'll pay $900 - $1200 for a half beef and it will take up about half of the room in your chest or upright freezer. You may want to group with family or friends to buy a half or save even more buying a whole beef. Plan ahead to cook grass fed beef slightly differently than feed-lot beef. It's leaner and contains less water. It needs to be cooked at lower temperatures. The internet is a great source for grass fed beef recipes and techniques.